Acclaimed Photography by Casi

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CASI GILLIAM: Casi Gilliam owns and operates Acclaimed Photography in Mentor, Ohio.

Background:  Casi has been photographing people and animals all her life and has recently expanded her professional scope to include Acclaimed Photography, where the focus is on capturing your memories, not your bank account. 

Specialties: Casi, a member of Professional Photographers of America, specializes in capturing you and your horse at your very best. Shooting pictures of horses requires patience and an eye for looks that are unique to the equine industry, such as perfectly set feet, a good headset, alert focus to the eye and ears pricked forward.  
On-Location:  We will travel to you and your horse or meet you at a horse show to photograph your horse. Whether you want a unique shot for an ad or just a portrait to frame above your mantle, we will capture you at your best without breaking the bank. 

Advertising: Look to Acclaimed Photography for a unique, clean layout for your next ad in the AQHA Journal or other publication. We deliver quality ads at competitive rates in the format required by the publication you will be in. See our ads in The Equine Chronicle, The Quarter Horse Journal, NSBA Way To Go and The Canine Chronicle. 

Other Specialties: Casi Gilliam also provides professional photography in the following areas:

Photo touch-up and composition

Family Portraits
Senior Portraits
Special Events